For the next year, we’re going to be highlighting moments from the NPR archive, starting in 1984. Why 1984?

  • It’s the first year of archives we have on-site. (Earlier archives live off site at the Library of Congress.)
  • It was a year with a presidential election, the Olympics, and Ghostbusters.
  • I was born in 1984. Seems like a good way to celebrate 3-0.

Helping me in this archival quest is Art Silverman. He’s a veteran All Things Considered producer who worked here in 1984. He’ll be helping with picking stories, sharing stories, and corralling the NPR vets to share their stories.

Every day, we’ll post one story here from the archives — along with as many transcripts as possible.  We’re also going to be posting video, photos and anything else we can get our hands on. We’ll try to interview the people from the stories or the people who made them — depending on what we can dig up.

If you’re a public radio person who worked in public radio in 1984 — or you’re a public radio person who was born in 1984 — please get in touch. My email is mkramer@npr.org and I’d like to highlight your work all year, too.

To 2014! To 1984!

-Melody Kramer (and Art Silverman)

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